Who are We?

There are so many new and local talented artists that is hidden and not getting enough exposure. Everyone of us is getting tired of chain store generic canvasses that cost more than an arm and leg.

We saw the talents our friends has on social media. Love what they do, even if it was just for fun. So we encourage them to create a few pieces of art so we could show off their pretty awesome work. Some of our artist studied art and already has a huge amount of following, but did not get the exposure they wanted. We contacted a few of them and are now so proud to have them on board as well.

We felt the need to create a platform for these artists to sell their art at no monthly cost. We also want to provide a place for anyone to buy unique one of a kind artworks in the medium you choose and in the same process support local artists.

We would like to encourage other artist to contact us if you want your work to feature on our website or send us an email if you know of someone who could benefit from selling their work on our website.

Thank you for your support.

The Art Room Crew