How does it work?

To have your art on the platform is absolutely free. You sign up and get a profile on the platform. We will send you more information once we get your details.

The shipping is handled by the artists as the art will leave from your studio to the buyers address. You have to work into your artwork price the shipping.

Once you have your art works ready you submit the photos of the artwork to us along with the final price, the categories and the keyword you would like you artwork to be found on.

Once its loaded and goes live and a buyer buys a piece, the money will be held by artroom until both parties are happy. This means you have to provide us the tracking nr once it was sent / picked up.

Once the buyer has confirmed the delivery and we confirmed with the courier we release the money to you.

Artroom takes 10% of your asking price for processing and admin fee’s.

Your Details?

Note: Your password will be generated automatically and sent to your email address.